Home Setup Service by
Moving Home Assistant
Saves time, money & hassle when moving home
Complimentary with Bridgnorth Removals
Usually Costs £150
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A service to help you settle into
your new home without any

Free When You Move
Home with Bridgnorth

Moving Home Assistant is designed to help you with every detail when moving home and ensures you don’t forget to inform those important Utilities and household bills.


Save Up to Eight Hours
Of Administration

you have enough to do when moving home without spending hours on hold to change your address with the Council, Water and Energy. We take your information once and contact those and more!


Best Value Services
at Your New Property

Your Moving Home Assistant will actively search for the best deals depending on your needs and budget and we only ever recommend the best companies so you wont get bad Customer Service again!



Saves time, money & hassle when moving home

The home set up service; where you can tell everyone you’re changing address and set-up your new home within minutes. Save hours of time, money and hassle.

A service to help you settle into your new home.
When you move with Bridgnorth Removals, you will receive a free Home Setup Service by Moving Home Assistant.

Saves upto 8 hours in time and an average savings of £358* on you bills.


Woollcotts Removals

“So helpful, couldn’t do enough for us. 10/10 for
everything, especially during the lockdown”


We’ve made things pretty simple and easy

Woollcotts Removals

Start by telling us some basic info about you

Start off your Home Setup Service by sharing a little bit of info about you. Our Moving Home Assistant will need to know where you’re moving from, where you’re moving to, and the approximate move date

We use the info to automatically setup your new home.

Update your address details

Your very own Moving Assistant will go through all of the Companies that you would like to tell about your move. They will then update your address with everyone for you! So, no need to say the same thing over and over again and no more “you are next in the queue”.

Your agent is also able to do most of the change via WhatsApp for your convenience!

Woollcotts Removals

Woollcotts Removals

Set up your new home

From the details you provide your Moving Home Assistant, they will be able to notify the correct Council Tax, Water and Sewage company of your new address.

Your Moving Home Assistant will not only let them know you are moving in (we’ll tell your previous ones too), but we’ll also find market leading deals on energy and broadband. So we save you money as well as time. From cleaning & removals to texting us your move-out meter reads and setting up your TV Licence, our Moving Home Assistant have you covered.

Give back to the community

When you move with Moving Home Assistant you don’t just get more time and a healthier wallet, you’re also making a difference.

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Slide Very helpful and easy Julia was super helpful and always happy to explain things to me and provide good recommendations. I was given straightforward answers and my options well explained to me. Would recommend to anyone moving home. Saves a lot of time and put me on competitive energy tariffs. Kev Killen Kev Killen
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